Essential, Simple Cooking Techniques

Mastering a few fundamental cooking techniques will give you the confidence to tackle any recipe. Here are some basic techniques to get you started: a) Sauteing: Cooking food quickly in a small amount of oil over high heat. b) Boiling: Cooking food in a liquid at a high temperature until it reaches its boiling point. c) Roasting: Cooking food in the oven at a high temperature, resulting in a crispy exterior and tender interior. d) Baking: Cooking food in the oven using dry heat, commonly used for bread, cakes, and pastries. e) Grilling: Cooking food over direct heat, usually on a grill or stovetop grill pan. f) Steaming: Cooking food by exposing it to steam, which helps retain nutrients and flavors. Now that you have your kitchen set up and some basic cooking techniques under your belt, it's time to try out some easy and tasty recipes.

Staci Fagala

8/9/20231 min read

focus photography of assorted spices on display counter
focus photography of assorted spices on display counter

Enhance your cooking skills by learning how to use spices, herbs, and seasonings to add flavor to your dishes. Discover the secrets to creating delicious and well-seasoned meals.